Friday, June 4, 2010

Baby Bump

Well I am right at the end of being 17 weeks pregnant and finally feeling better, good enough to start taking pictures of myself. I really don't think you would have wanted to see what I looked like earlier on in the pregnancy, It wasn't all that pretty and I definately didn't feel pretty. But that part is past now and I am actually starting to enjoy it! We find out in a week what sex our baby is going to be, I kinda think it is a boy, but I have lots of people who think it is a girl too, so I guess we will just have to sit and wait patiently for seven days to see what its going to be. Either way I will be happy I am still trying to grasp that I actually am pregnant and keep forgeting that I don't have to suck my stomach in, it is suppose to be getting big! Oh well. We have gotten quite a few ultrasound pictures, I just haven't figured out how to get copies of them on the computer, I am sooo not a hi-tech girl!

Josh was laughing at me while taking the pictures, so this is of me pointing at him, reminding him that he was the one that did this to me, it just made him laugh even more, so I joined him! Laughter and love, it makes life so wonderful!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Um, Wow a year already!?!?!

So, yeah it has been a year since I have posted anything, at all... wow! Guess time flies when your having fun, or living life or whatever huh. Life has changed quite a bit for us this past year. Lost our house in June, but were able to get into a good house that we can actually afford, crazy concept, but it sure makes life so much easier and happier not having to worry how we are going to pay our mortgage every month. The last year has been extremely difficult, very trying at times and we had more than a few breakdown, well those were mostly me having those, but we made it through and actually feel blessed (to a certain degree, lol) to have gone through what we have this past year, because it has put us where we are today. And where we are today is what we have been working for all along, guess you could say we just took a detour. Josh is still working for the town, is finally back to the day schedule which has been so nice to get back to normal. I am still watching kids too, have 3 really great kids that I love to see everyday and for any of you who don't know yet we are expecting! I'm due November 11th and we are so excited! I still actually can't believe it at times, but its finally happening and so far everything is going good. I have to see a specialist every three weeks right now, so I have had two appointments already. One of the perks of being prego and diabetic is I get to have ultra sounds everytime I go, so its going to be fun seeing how much our baby is growing every time. The doctor's I am seeing are so positive and they say that the baby is really healthy and everything is going really good, so that has been a huge relief for us. We don't know what we are having yet, but yes we are so finding out! I went through enough times of not finding out with my mom, what 9 times is it? Yeah I am finding out for sure! So I'll let everyone know once we find out! I'll try and post some new pics sometime soon too.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The "Joys" of Baking

Oh what a night it has been...where to begin? It all started with a grand plan of a beautiful birthday cake, one for a very special little niece who will soon be turning five. She loves pink and so I planned for everything to be pink, the cake the icing, the works! And she loves Barbies, and princesses and especially loves "Barbie and the Dimond Castle" right now. So hum, big suprise, want to guess what her birthday theme is this year?!?!? Wouldn't it be perfect then to make her a barbie princess birthday cake, that can be over the top girly pink and princessy. And so I set out, the cakes are now baked, oh and they came out so perfectly (I know because I made two little cupcakes from the cake mix since there was some extra, one for me to taste to make sure it was perfect, the other for Josh so he doesn't get mad at me for not thinking of him - heaven forbid!) I had everything all planned out perfectly so that I could take my time and not rush to create this beautiful cake for E. Well I guess I should have learn by now that no plan can go by without a few "hiccups" or I guess in my case, problems with gravity. It's that way to keep us on our toes right? That is what I keep telling myself anyway! I was getting a little low on powdered sugar, but I figured if I measured everything out exactly and use the little bit of extra icing I had left over from the Easter Cake (pics are coming) that I would be ok and have enough to get this cake done. So the measuring began and oh I felt so lucky when I even had a little bit left over in the bag, for just in case, of course. So far things were still going perfectly, as planned. I melted the marshmallows to get the fondant going, got those done and ready to add the sugar. So I grab the bowl with the measured out sugar when I suddenly realized I forgot to grease the mixing bowl (at this point I was thinking, oh man I'm so glad I didn't forget to do that, what a mess that would have been!) Ha! Little did I know... so I quickly, oh too quickly set the bowl down on what I thought was a solid complete surface called the counter, right next to the mixing bowl. Anyone else ever get so focused that you don't pay attention to the exact details of your surroundings? Yeah, so I was so focused on making sure that I greased my mixing bowl before putting the sticky marshmallows in that I forgot to take in the fact that I kinda sorta only placed the bowl full of powered sugar (only 8 CUPS!!! ONLY!) on the edge of the counter instead of completely on the counter, and so for some reason gravity thought it had to work and not cut me any slack, just this one time, so the results were, well let me just show you take a look below:

and of course I was standing right in the middle of it...

and one more, just to take in the full effects of powdered sugar taking a "joy ride" off the counter...

Surprisingly, even to myself I didn't get mad, or upset, I just started laughing! What else could I do?!?! So here is my new plan... I am sitting here in my powdered sugar covered pants and feet, writing this while waiting for J to get home from work. Then I am going to show him what a productive and "event-fall" evening I had while he was gone. Then I will have him help me clean it up, which I am sure he will be oh so willing to do since I now plan to use the one remaining cupcake as a bribe!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

They're everywhere!

So this is just a real quick post to show you all that aren't here in beautiful AZ how full of "wildlife" this desert really is... take example "A" - our back yard.
Right now is Cricket season, no not the game where you hit a ball with a mallet, literally crickets! They are everywhere! See for yourself:

Yeah! See all those litte black specks - they are all grasshoppers ranging in different sizes from baby-size to kinda big and scary when they fly directly at your face-size! Oh well it could be worse I guess, glad there aren't as many scorpions as there are these little guys...yet anyway!
Oh and here is a picture J took and wants to show off - for those of you who don't know one of his (MANY) obsessions is bees... and yes they're out everywhere too!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happy Highways!

I LOVE this time of year! The flowers are blooming everywhere and the weather is so, so beautiful! One of my most absolutely favorite things to do right now is driving down the highway, I-10 to be exact... it makes me so happy! Crazy, is that what you're thinking I am? Well not completely, but I just can't help but getting this joyful, free spirited, happy-go-lucky feeling when I drive down the highway right now, all thanks to the beautiful yellow flowered plants (even if they are weeds - so what!) that grow all along the sides of said highway. Most of you may know, and if you didn't you do now, yellow is my absolute most favorite color and so seeing it flocking me on both sides of my drive down that long road just makes me happy. These pictures don't even do it any justice for those of you that don't live around here, but it was the best I could do, just image lots of bright, jolly, yellow flowers everywhere... and if you do live around here, I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do, or at least pretend to, just to humor me, then who knows... you may even end up with a smile on your face too!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

What a Goof Ball!!

Josh is really good friends with our neighbor Shae. They like to hang out alot, but yesterday was just too funny. So Shae comes over and (just like little kids) they had a snack and were trying to figure out what to do. I got a good giggle from listening to their ideas of things to do... go ride bikes, play video games, go try to find somewhere to hike or the last (and best of all) go race. Yeah that's right, and that is what they decided to do first. So they finished stuffing their faces with their snack (peach cobbler) tighten their shoes and belts then saunter out into the garage, heading out to the great race. Just for fun I asked what they were up to, I was in another room and I don't think they knew I was listening to them. Josh got that big old grin he gets on his face when he is up to no good and said they were headed outside to race. He very confidently and manlyish said he was going to kick Shae's butt. "So where is this race happening and WHY are you racing anyway?" trying to hold a laugh back, I asked. His reply - "Out in the steet and because we want to." Ok then! So out they went and I scooted my chair to the nearest window to watch the whole thing go down. Ah... it was so funny to watch - you would have thought they were 10 years old again not 27 and 35! Shae works out a lot more than Josh does so my bet was actually going against my hubby, I know what a supportive wife right?!?!? But I was right on. Their faces were set dead serious when they started and a whole like 15 seconds later it was all over, with Shae fifty feet in front of Josh. No long distance runs for them - basically it was the distance between their driveway and ours. And so the "great" race had ended and they were back in the house only a minute later, huffing and puffing, yet by the looks on their faces it's like they had climbed Mt. Everest or something. Josh says he is going to beat him next time... we'll see! Lol

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hate it!

I just need to let some steam, or hate or whatever you want to call it out. Hate for something that has to completely control my body and life - what I wouldn't give to be able to have one day, just one day, or a whole life, that would be nice, where I didn't have to worry about what my bloodsugars are, or to have to know that my being alive is dependent on a little vial of liquid. Or hey wouldn't it be great to just go and eat something without having to count carbs and punch numbers into my "pancreas" which would be really great to not have attach to me 24/7 either. I wonder how many kids we would have by now if I didn't have diabetes? I hate it. I try not to let it run my life, but its a little hard to have it not to because it is a constant, never ending, always there thing. An always there, and will never go away thing, wow I have SO much to look forward to. I know I am complaining alot and I appologize for that, but I just have to let it out, shed a couple tears and then get on with my life. I guess I am just a little scared too, so far I haven't ever had any major problems, but now I have to go on thyroid medicine and it just feels horrible I am not even stinking 30 yet. My doc said that it is normal though for a person that has had diabetes as long as I have to have to go on this medicine, because after 24 years of it your body just starts to wear out. Great so what's it going to be like in another 10 years? I want to do everything that I can to keep myself healthy but I am just so burned out. I have to take this as a wake up call and do better than I am now. I have to stop slipping into my old, bad habits. But even then who is to say something isn't going to happen, like today, my site fell out and I didn't even feel it, until I started feeling really sick and finally figure out that it came out, for I don't even know how many hours. So instead of doing more packing like I was planning I ended up on the couch for a couple hours, waiting to get to the point where I finally had enough energy to get up again. And what if I was pregnant right now?!?!? That would have been so bad - I don't know if I can even handle trying to have a baby, there is just so much risk, for the baby, and for me. And seriously do I really want to pass it on? The chances are even higher for me though because the more siblings you have that have diabetes the higher the chances are that your child(ren) will get it too... and I am at 3 siblings and counting that have it now. Four of us, that is like a guarenteed diagnosis for the kids, if we do ever have any. I don't want to make that choice for someone, and to be honest I don't know if I could ever be able to take care of me and a little one that has it too... I can't even take care of myself, I just don't think that I can do it. Josh thinks I can though, I try to explain to him, but I don't know if he completely understands my concerns and fears. But he loves me anyways, even if I can't give him a child, he still wants me and still loves me, I don't deserve him.
Well, believe it or not I do feel a little better, its not usually this bad, I just had a bad night tonight, but I will push on because I have to, and believe it or not I do want to.